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End of Tenancy

Not everyone can afford a home, and most people are looking for places to live as a tenant. It thus makes sense as a property owner to rent out properties that are not being used currently to tenants for additional income. It also keeps the house or apartment in use, ensuring that the apartment gets constant use and all the stuff there is not just laying abandoned and rotting.

Tenants make your property their home and more often than not take care of the house or apartment themselves, saving you the trouble of managing all your properties by yourself. Tenants live and mostly take care of the property themselves, but even they don’t go beyond taking superficial care of the apartment or house as it is not their own property and they don’t want to spend money on getting a rented house cleaned.

At the end of tenancy, tenants often tend to leave a lot of junk and unwanted stuff behind, which can become troublesome for landlords to move as they have to then get the trash and unwanted stuff removed and make the place fit to live in for the next tenants.

ProCleaning house cleaning services are also a great option for a landlord who wants to get their properties cleaned or even deep cleaned after the end of a tenancy of a tenant. The deep cleaning will thus restore the property back to its former state. The deep cleaning removes stains, marks, dirt, mold and any other dirty corner or space left behind by the previous tenant. We get rid of any dirt, stains, molds or bacteria build-ups in the property to make it fit for living for the next tenant.

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