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Stone Carpet Cleaning

Stone is a special building material which has a number of uses in construction and decoration. Stone can be modelled and sculpted to be used for decoration or can be used as a construction material. Stones are also used for outdoor or indoor decoration or simply as stones for various purposes.

Stones if left unattended, can become a host of a large amount of dirt, dust and microbes. Stones need to be regularly cleaned too as it is common for microbes to start inhabiting stones for stones are known to retain moisture. These microbes or bacteria can then pose significant health risks.

ProCleaning offers specialised stone cleaning services wherein the stones are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised of all the dirt and microbes. The deep cleaning removes all bacteria from the stones and reduces the chances of a disease spreading to zero.

ProCleaning takes pride in customer satisfaction, and the entire work plan revolves around the convenience and comfort of the customer. We take into account your requests and needs and do our utmost to take care of all your requirements.

Our deep cleaning experts thoroughly clean stones without damaging the stone or the structure, making it extremely safe. Our affordable stone cleaning services are the best in the Greater Dublin area and provide the best value for your money.

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