Upholstery Cleaning - Pro Cleaning

Upholstery is everywhere on all your furniture; thus, it only makes sense that your upholstery should be clean and safe for you and your family. Upholstery traps dirt, bacteria and microbes every day, and this can accumulate to dangerous levels which can then threaten your family’s health and well being.

Stains, dirt, soil, microbes all build up in the course of your everyday activities and get trapped in your upholstery which is then in constant contact your body posing serious health risks.

At ProCleaning, our team of expert cleaning technicians are trained to deal with all sorts of upholstering cleaning techniques. Our technicians are experienced in handling all types of upholstery fabrics and suitable cleaning techniques for them. Your upholstered furniture is in safe hands with ProCleaning for we understand your cleaning needs, take into account your requests and use the best cleaning option based on the upholstery and furniture type to provide the best possible deep cleaning to give you a safe and hygienic upholstery.

Our services are not limited to simply deep cleaning your upholstery. We use specialised equipment to provide fast drying so that your upholstery can be used within hours. Our cleaning methods are eco-friendly and pose no risk to the health of your family members and pets. All your upholstery fabrics are treated according to their needs which makes them look and feel like new again. All the upholsteries are deodorised and sanitised to provide utmost customer satisfaction.

Our quality of service is framed around providing utmost customer satisfaction, and thus we take all possible measures to ensure results.