Industrial cleaning - Pro Cleaning

Industries see a lot of dirt and dust as it is where manufacturing or production of goods takes place. There is a lot of waste generation and a lot of people constantly moving around and coming in from the outside, which ensures that there is a lot of dirt and bacteria coming into the industrial complex. This can become a health risk for the employees as it exponentially increases the chances of a disease outbreak.

An industry complex is a huge area and requires expert cleaning for ordinary equipment of methods cannot purge the complex of all its dirt and bacteria. It is impossible to clean all the machines and corners without sufficient expertise and equipment.

ProCleaning offers industrial cleaning services wherein we deep clean your industry complex and clear out anything and everything that you regard as waste and garbage. We get rid of stains that cannot be removed via conventional methods, and dirt and dust that you can’t get rid off using normal cleaning methods.

Our professional cleaners are trained to deep clean industrial complexes regardless of what materials are used throughout the complex and in machines. During the inspection phase, we draw out a work plan, take your input and requests and work accordingly. We ensure that no corner is left untouched and that the whole industrial complex is cleaned, every stain removed, all microbes and bacteria purged.

After cleaning, we sanitise the complex, ensure there is no odour remaining in the industrial complex so that it smells fresh and gives you a relaxing environment for working. We use machine cleaning to dry out the complex within hours to make it useable.