Power washing - Pro Cleaning

We all have come across stubborn stains and marks that just refuse to be removed regardless of what cleaning agent or technique is used. These stains can ruin the look wherever they are and can make your house feel dirty, to say the least. These stains also leave a bad impression on guests and can be very embarrassing if in a place that is constantly visible to the eye and anyone who visits your house.

Cleaning offers power wash services which are specially designed to get rid of these stubborn stains and marks. Power wash uses a high-pressure water stream to clean off surfaces that are usually hard to clean and removes stains that have there for a long time, making them almost irremovable.

Power wash is mostly used to clean driveways and garage doors of oil and other stains which cannot be removed using cleaning agents.

Power wash is effective for cleaning patios made of concrete or tiles, wooden decks, brick or vinyl exteriors, walkways and front entrances, vehicles, fences etc. Power wash is the best way to get rid of mold, mildew, stains which are normally very resistant to conventional cleaning methods.

Power wash can also clean off spray paint which can be a nightmare to get rid of.