Leather Cleaning - Pro Cleaning

Leather is a luxury upholstery item that is as difficult to clean as it looks good on your furniture and your interior. Leather requires special care and any rough handling or wrong way of cleaning can damage the leather causing a lot of damage to the furniture as well as financial loss.

Leather cleaning should only be done by experts who know all kinds of leather and are trained in cleaning all kinds of leather regardless of age or type without destroying the leather and the furniture.

ProCleaning offers upholstery cleaning services and also specialise in leather cleaning. Our cleaning experts understand leather and during the pre-inspection, take into account all the details, all the information provided by you and all your requests and needs. We use the best available cleaning techniques which suit the case at hand to give you the best possible leather cleaning service.

We use specialised cleaning agents which clean the leather off any microbes and stains without damaging the leather or the furniture. As we know, stains and dirt on leather are very difficult to remove as it gets stuck and conventional methods of cleaning can ruin the leather, leave a mark, or outright destroy the leather.

Our leather cleaning services take care of all stains without destroying or damaging the leather and sanitises as well as cleans your leather of all microbes, stains and dirt.