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Persian Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are well-known dirt magnets and are very helpful in keeping the house feel tidy and take in all the dirt coming into the housekeeping the house clean. Carpets also keep the air inside the house clean as they trap all the small dust and dirt particles in the air, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean.

Persian Carpet goes one step further as they have a higher value than normal carpets, making them a luxury. These carpets are hand made in Persia using centuries-old techniques, thus giving these carpets their unique identity and value.

Your Persian carpets are still bacteria and microorganisms magnet and it a given that any microbe entering the house through shoes and clothes is going to find a way to your carpet making your carpets a refuge for unwanted harmful bacteria and microbes in the house. This increases the importance of carpet cleaning exponentially as these microbes are potential health hazards and can make your entire family sick, not to mention the bad odour a dirty carpet spreads throughout the house. The odour can make your house air feel stale and make the entire house feel sick and gloomy.

ProCleaning Persian carpet cleaning services not just remove dirt and dust from your Persian carpets but also sanitises your Persian carpets killing any and all microbes and bacteria purging it of any potential health risks all the while maintaining the integrity of your Persian carpet.

We thoroughly clean your carpets and take in all your requests with respect to your carpets and follow all your instructions. We pre-inspect your carpets for all problem areas and draft a work plan keeping in mind your specific needs, cleaning all stains and drying your carpet post-cleaning to make it useable within hours. Our deep cleaning makes your carpet free of any stubborn stains, microbes, dirt and gets rid of the odour giving you a breath of fresh air in your home. We ensure that your Persian carpet does not get damaged during the cleaning process, and there are no marks or damage to the carpet in any way.

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